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Speedcarver V18    

lighter,  faster,  hotter

Developed in St. Peter-Ording.
Extremely fast and agile.

Straight lines and round rails
for maximum control.
Adrenaline: +++

Full throttle!


Max speeds, depending on 
kite position and course angle:



left foot in front

Comfort strap in front, very comfortable, fits perfectly to the form of the human foot:


















To achieve the correct forward inclination of the strap, the front dowels are further apart than the rear ones. In addition, since the 45° position of the front foot takes up space, the distance

between the dowels is greater than usual.

By positioning the front strap 90° to the centerline riding is very relaxed - especially in switch stance. And your foot is locked

bomb proof. For better upwind performance in low wind put your rear foot in front of the rear strap.                                                                        


Changing feet is possible at any time thanks to the non-slip deck.


Extra soft pads in the heal area.

" Still on cloud 9 after my epic speed boarding yesterday! I haven't felt so alive for a long time! Amazing what a dash of 75 kmh (40 knots) under my feet can do! So grateful for the training from Tilmann Heinig to reach my first goal! "

Aya Eiffel:

right foot in front



178 X 29 cm

Weight with straps, pads and titanium fin: 2,1 kg

Material: Corecell/Carbon

Handmade in Garding near St. Peter-Ording.

Colour: What you like.

Price: 999,- €

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